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The chicks have arrived!

This page will refresh every 10 seconds. If you can't see the chicks they are probably visiting the children around the school.

Please tell us what you think about our Chickcam, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What a great idea chick cam is! Omi (Foxes) and Orion (cubs) have been watching all afternoon. We'll be keeping an eye on Granby's new arrivals!

Catriona (Mum)


Finlay Sutherland's Great Aunt Sue watching from Cyprus sat in the sun. What an amazingly good idea. Well done to Granby School.

Sue Marshall (great-aunt)


Finlay Sutherland from the Tigers Grand-dad is watching the Chickcam from his home in London and thinks it's awesome!

Vikky Sutherland (parent)


How fantastic, we have just sat and watched a chick hatching!! Thank you Granby for a brilliant opportunity for the children.

Alison Knighton (parent)


What a brilliant idea, my boys have loved watching this and I even had it on at work all day today! We were all glued to it... Fantastic thank you.

Naomi Hewitt (parent)


I think the Chickcam is exciting and daddy has let me look at it lots!

Current pupil


To Teachers and Everyone, I love the chickcam and I love the chicks moving about. It's good that I can look at them when I'm at home. I love the little chicks - they're so cute and I've never seen anything like them. Can you go to the Farmer's farm and say thank you for the chicks?

Current pupil


Its great and max loves it.



This is an awesome idea and it works perfectly!