Granby Primary School

Kindness Day


How could you be more kind? Well, that was what we asked pupils at Granby Primary School leading up to Kindness Day in September.

Classes discussed the importance of being kind to each other, both in and out of school, as well as the many different forms of kindness they witness. Pupils were then given a task of making a pledge, on a small heart, of how they were going to me more kind throughout this year.   Pledges ranged from ‘arguing less with my brother’, ‘including pupils in my games at break time’ to ‘thinking before I react’.  Some staff commented how many pupils really thought about their pledge before writing it.

The hearts were then gathered together to form a class flower, which then created a flower bed of kindness! As you’ll see from the picture, Granby is blooming with kindness.

The hearts will be returned to pupils at the end of the year for them to reflect on.

kindness day