Granby Primary School

School Improvement Plan

Granby Primary School is split into four phases:

  • Early Years and Foundation Stage [Nursery and Reception]
  • Key Stage 1 [Years 1 & 2]
  • Lower Key Stage 2 [Years 3 & 4]
  • Upper Key Stage Two [Years 5 & 6]

For each of these phases, there is a Phase Improvement Plan [PIP] outlining priorities and objectives for the current academic year and the actions planned to address these.  There is also a Cross-Phase Improvement Plan which outlines priorities, objectives and actions that concern the school as a whole.  Together, these five PIP's constitute the School Improvement Plan [SIP].  The latest versions of these documents can be found below.


Cross-Phase Improvement Plan 2017-18

EYFS Improvement Plan 2017-18

KS1 Improvement Plan 2017-18

LKS2 Improvement Plan 2017-18

UKS2 Improvement Plan 2017-18