Granby Primary School

Children's Health

We hope that this page will provide you with useful information about some common childhood illnesses. All of the leaflets below have been carefully chosen as a reliable source of information, but we cannot be held responsible for the content of this information. If in doubt, please see your General Practitioner (family doctor).

The school nurse is Jane Cox and you can telephone her on 0116 215 3230 if there's anything you wish to discuss; and she will see you and/or your child in school if she thinks this is appropriate.

Head Lice sometimes crop up and school and we will send a ParentMail message out if we become aware of head lice in your child's class. If your child has head lice, please treat them at home but children should still attend school. There are lots of ways of dealing with these critters, but we promote Bug Busting! Go to for information on Bug Busting.

Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust has an excellent website which is aimed at children aged 4 to 11; but can also be very useful for parents and staff to use with children. You can find it by going to

How long should my child stay off school? If you can't see the answer here, please call school and ask.

As a general rule, use the following guidelines.

Vomiting & diarrhoea    At least 48 hours after the last episode
Chicken pox & shingles*   Wait until all the blisters have dried and scabbed over



You will usually be able to bring your child to school as normal. However, if we have a severe outbreak, we may ask you to keep your child at home

Hand, foot and mouth   Children can come into school when they feel well enough

Wait until the sores have all dried and healed

Scarlet Fever   Keep children away from school for at least 24 hours after starting antibiotics
Slapped cheek*   Children will cease to be infectious when the rash appears. No time off required

No time off required

Tonsillitis   Stay away from school until the symptoms have passed
Whooping cough  

Complete a course of antibiotics before returning to school

Ringworm   Begin treatment before returning to school


Illnesses marked*   Illnesses marked with an asterisk can harm your unborn baby. Please consult your GP is you are pregnant and have come into contact with these illnesses.