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We have a Charging policy which sets out how and when we will make charges to parents for our services. You can read the policy by following the link. All curriculum activities are provided free of charge to all children. However, there are some activities or visits which enhance the curriculum, for which we may ask for voluntary contributions from parents. These include trips and residentials which can only take place if some contributions are made by parents.

The following services all incur a charge to parents: hot dinners for children in Key Stage 2; Breakfast and after school club; peripatetic music lessons; school trips, events and residentials; and some extended learning opportunities (after school activities). Payments should be made in full in advance.

If your child is registered for free school meals, payment is not required for hot dinners and we may be able to help you out with other costs through using the Pupil Premium. You can find out if you are eligible for free school meals by clicking on the link below. If you are eligible for free school meals, but do not wish to take them up, please register anyway so that we can use Pupil Premium to help you with other costs. Use the free school meals link to find out if your child could qualify for Pupil Premium.

We prefer all payments to be made online and if you have not yet set up your online payment facility, call into the office and we can help you with this.

It is our policy to send text reminders and debt letters if payments are overdue. All debts must be clear at the end of each half term and cannot be carried over. If accounts are not clear, services cannot be provided on return to school. In addition, any accounts not cleared within 14 days of the cost accruing, will have services withdrawn. IF YOU ARE IN FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY PLEASE TALK TO US AND WE WILL COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT WITH YOU. This is far preferable to us constantly chasing debt and you worrying about how to pay it. Further action may be pursued through the courts as a last resort.

Attention all parents! Communicating with you is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and school news that really matters is something we care about.

As you know, the school uses ParentMail, a service used by over 6,000 schools, nurseries and children’s clubs to communicate to parents.

We’re using +Pay on ParentMail – an online payment service which allows you to pay for school items on your smartphone, tablets or computer, or on the free parent App.

We will inform you about items you need to pay through ParentMail, and you will be able to pay electronically, with money transferred directly into the school bank account – it’s all very easy, safe and secure. ParentMail doesn’t store credit or debit card details and works in the same way as other large retailers who accept online payments.

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, we would highly recommend you download the free ParentMail App so that you can make easy, online payments on the go. To do this, simply search for “ParentMail” in your App store.

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