Granby Primary School

Dinner Times

Hot meals are cooked at Holy Cross Primary School and served in a self-service cafeteria style in our two school halls. Children may bring a packed lunch but please do not include nuts, sweets, chewing gum or chocolate. Water should be provided but no glass bottles, cans or fizzy drinks are allowed. Juice may be provided at mealtimes but water is preferred. Fruit juice, squash and flavoured water is discouraged at all times and may not be contained in classroom water bottles. We appreciate that, like us, parents want their children to enjoy a healthy packed lunch so please be aware that preservatives and additives can cause reduced concentration, contribute to poor behaviour and limit learning.

Younger children are supported appropriately with meals and our lunch time supervisors keep an eye on all children to make sure that they are eating. The link below will take you to the current menu.

Granby dinner menu

In Reception and Key Stage 1, every child is entitled to a free school dinner, funded by the Government. Packed lunches will also be provided when the children are out on trips. 

In Key Stage 2, hot dinners cost £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week and must be paid for in advance. 

If your child is registered for free school meals, no payment is required. You can find out if you are eligible for free school meals by following the link below. If you are eligible for free school meals, but do not wish to take them up, please register for the Pupil Premium as this may allow us to help you out with other costs. Follow the free school meals link to find out if this could apply to you!

Pupil Premium information page 

If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons, please complete the request form and return it to City Catering at the address given:

Medical diet - school meals request form