Granby Primary School

After School Clubs


We are hoping to continue offering After School Clubs in the near future.


Please only send your child to a club if they wish to participate in the activity. Children who are sent when they really don't want to attend, may spoil the activity for the children who do want to join in. If a child tells us that they do not wish to attend, we will ask parents to withdraw their child so that the place can be taken by someone on the waiting list who does wish to participate.



We know that children and their families benefit from extended learning.



tick Higher levels of pupil achievement

tick Increased pupil motivation and self-esteem

tick Specialist support to meet pupils' wider needs

tick Additional facilities and equipment

tick Greater opportunities for staff for flexible working and career development

tick Enhanced partnership working with the community and better school security

tick Easier access to essential services for staff, helping staff recruitment and retention



tick Improvements in child behaviour and social skills

tick Greater parental involvement in children's learning

tick More opportunities for local adult education and family learning

tick Greater availability of specialist support for families



tick Better access to essential services

tick Improved local availability of sports, arts and other facilities

tick Local career development opportunities

tick Better supervision of children outside school hours


Please see the table below of examples for After School Clubs. All of these clubs finish at 4.30pm and children should be collected from the door in the car park.


When places are available to book, you will need to go onto Parentmail app or through Please go to Payments > Shop where you will be able to view any clubs available to you.


If you need any support using the online system, please contact the office.




Monday Mini games A mixture of games, music and sports skills Foxes, Tigers and Year 1
  Story telling Reading, acting, drawing and re-telling stories Years 1 and 2
  Circus skills Super exciting circus skills! Years 2 and 3
Tuesday Science Club Exciting experiments every week Years 3 and 4
  Gym dance A fusion of gymnastics and dance Years 3 and 4
  Football Girls and boys football for older children Years 5 and 6
  Basketball Back by popular demand! Years 5 and 6
Wednesday Arts & Crafts Arts and crafts activities for little ones Foxes, Tigers and Year 1
  Drama Club Chance for children to express their dramatic side! Years 2 and 3
  Granby GREEN Group Environmentally friendly eco club Years 4, 5 and 6
Thursday Choir Open to new members and to previous members of the choir as well! Years 3, 4 ,5 and 6
  Multi sports A range of fun and challenging sports Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
  Indoor Boules Our very own England national team player teaches the children indoors.

Years 4, 5 and 6