Granby Primary School


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Some children and adults in our school have severe nut allergies which can be life-threatening. We expect parents to let us know if their children have nut or other food allergies so that we can provide appropriate care as and when needed. We have taken advice from health authorities, education authorities and the parents of some of our nut allergy sufferers in drawing up these instructions.

Nut allergies can differ for different people. The allergy could be activated by eating nuts, or just by touching nuts. For some nut allergy sufferers, the allergy is airborne which means that the sufferer doesn’t have to touch or eat the nuts for a lethal reaction to occur.

GRANBY IS A NUT FREE SCHOOL. This means that we do not have any nuts, or food containing nuts, on school premises. The only snack brought into school should be fruit. Lunch boxes should not contain chocolate, sweets, peanut butter or chocolate spread because these items tend to contain high concentrations of nuts and nut oils. Lunch boxes should not contain chocolate or sweets as these are treats that should be saved for when children are at home. If biscuits, cakes, cereal bars and such like are included in lunch boxes please check the ingredients to make sure that these items do not contain nuts. DO NOT SEND ANY FOOD INTO SCHOOL WHICH CONTAINS NUTS.

Our children are naturally generous and want to share. However, we hope you will join us in discussing the importance of NOT sharing the food they bring into school. Our message is, “Your food is for you; it has been especially chosen, bought and packed, just for you. Food that is safe for you, might not be safe for someone else.” WE DO NOT SHARE FOOD AT GRANBY.

In addition to asking parents for their support in this way, we will be working with all children to raise awareness of the dangers, educate them about food allergies, and support them to monitor and manage risky situations. We know that Granby parents will want to take this issue very seriously and help us to make sure that all children are kept safe whilst at school.