Granby Primary School


The Play Pod at Granby will be re-commencing after the October half term break.  It was a huge success last year, with the vast majority of pupils accessing it during break and lunchtimes.    

Towards the end of the Summer Term 2017, Key Stage 2 pupil were asked to complete an online questionnaire about the Pod.  We gained some valuable feedback which will help us to improve it further for this academic year.

Year 5 recently applied to become Play Pod leaders, explaining why they should be chosen and what skills and qualities they could bring to the role.  Pupils have now been selected and received training. This year’s leaders are Krish, Lucas, Megan, Leah, Everlyn, Aliesha, Codie, Chanelle, and Archie. They will be volunteering one of their lunchtimes to oversee the Play Pod and assist groups when playing with the equipment.

playpod 1