Granby Primary School



Milk is provided by the Government in the Foundation Stage until a child reaches their 5th birthday and all through school for those children claiming Pupil Premium. All other children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 can order milk and pay the supplier directly. The link below will take you to their website where you can find out more.



Children are invited to eat a piece of fuit or vegetable as a morning snack. These are provided free by the Government for children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Children in Key Stage 2 can bring something from home. Children must make sure that all peel, cores etc are placed in the bins provided. Staff on duty are asked to support children with using the bins and ensure that surplus fruit is not left lying around.


Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and it is requested that they bring a labelled water bottle from home. There are also water fountains around school. Water bottles are stored tidily in the classrooms, and children may ask for a drink at appropriate times. We discourage the children from having bottles on their desks. Flavoured water, carbonated water, cordials and squash are not permitted in classroom water bottles.