Granby Primary School



Each classroom has two red cards suspended on a hook by the whiteboard or classroom door. In the event of an emergency, staff are to send a responsible child to take one red card to the nearest classroom and the other to the office. This will ensure that help will arrive quickly. The number on the card indicates the classroom number and the assembly point number marked on the playground.


Fire emergency procedures are posted on each classroom wall. The same procedure would be used for a gas leak or other evacuation. Staff should familiarise themselves with evacuation procedures; fire drills are undertaken at least once a term. In the event of a fire, an electrical bell will be sounded. If the electrics are down, a hand bell will be used. In the event of an emergency, the office staff will provide the SIMS registers, the InVentry Evac list, and medical records. Please note:

  • Children and all adults will make their way to the nearest exit closing any doors behind them
  • Where staircases are blocked, the fire escapes should be used
  • Children walk quickly and quietly to their assembly point on the playground
  • If children are somewhere other than the classroom, they should go directly to the assembly point and NOT return to their classroom
  • Children working with another adult will be escorted to the playground
  • Children must not take personal belongings with them or return to classrooms to collect personal items
  • Children barefoot in PE should not stop to put on shoes and socks
  • Class teachers will take a head count and a roll call using the registers that will be brought from the office
  • Missing children, staff or visitors must be reported immediately
  • Appointed staff will check the cloakrooms and toilets on their way to the playground
  • Nobody is to return to the building until the all-clear is given
  • If the entire site needs to be evacuated, children will then proceed, with their teachers, to Aylestone Hall Gardens

The Fire Officers are:

  • Dale Cross - Headteacher
  • Rob Penny - Site Manager
  • Linda Broadhead - KS2 & playground stairwell
  • Lisa Jarvis - KS2 & car park stairwell
  • Tim Allured - KS1
  • Sue Foreman - Office


Every City Council employee is covered by insurance. If something goes wrong, staff should discuss the situation with the Head Teacher at the earliest opportunity.

The evacuation plan can be viewed here.