Granby Primary School


Free tea, coffee and squash are provided for all staff, volunteers and visitors to school. Please help yourselves and tidy up afterwards. Please inform the office if supplies seem to be running low.


If you are unable to work due to ill health you MUST inform the Head Teacher as soon as possible but by 7.30am at the very latest. You can do this by telephone or text on 07899 895945. You will also need to contact school later in the day to discuss the situation for the following day.

For absences up to a week, you will need to complete a self certification. For absences of more than a week, a certificate is required from your GP. When you return to work, you must complete a return to work form.

For absences beyond 4 weeks, an Occupational Health consultation will be arranged for you. During this absence, we will maintain telephone contact unless you advise us in writing that this is unhelpful.


Members of staff may request a leave of absence for:

  • serious illness or death of a close relative
  • wedding of a close relative
  • graduation ceremony of a son or daughter
  • moving house
  • Jury Service or court appearance as a witness

Leave of absence is at the discretion of the Head Teacher and may be granted paid or unpaid. Please refer to the appropriate policy. A period of unpaid leave may be requested from the Chair of Governors and will depend on factors such as reasons for the request, cost and availability of cover, etc.


The staff room is a communal area provided for everyone's enjoyment. Staff are asked not to leave personal possessions lying around and to clear up crockery after themselves. A dishwasher is provided and all staff are asked to play a part in keeping this area clean and tidy.

The whiteboard in the staff room will be used to communicate any notices and staff should check this daily. Details of the 'Forthcoming Week' will also be emailed to staff and posted in the staff room.


Pigeonholes are provided for staff in the downstairs cloakroom, opposite the office. Coats etc can also be left here. Please keep this area tidy.  If staff members require a locker, these are also available.


Mobile phones should be off and away during the day. If you have to provide a daytime number where you can be contacted by a relative in case of emergency, you may give the school number. The use of mobile phones should be in accordance with the policy.


Granby staff are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times, being role models to the children and the wider community. Staff should dress appropriately for the activities being taught. It is expected that for teaching PE, staff will change their footwear; sports wear may be worn.

General class room wear will not include jeans or cargo style trousers. Tops should be of a suitable cut and length - strappy tops are not permitted; men should wear collared shirts or polo shirts; and logos / slogans are not permitted. Knee-length, smart shorts (and culottes for women) may be worn. Tattoos should not be visible. If in doubt, please check with your line manager.

Footwear must be appropriate height and should be supported by an ankle strap. It is suggested that toes are covered for the staff's own safety.

All forms can be found on the wesbite under the 'Parents' tab