Granby Primary School



There are three photocopiers in school. The one next to the staff room and the one at the back of the KS1 hall are black and white, and will staple and make booklets. Staff are not limited on the number of black and white copies they make. The office machine provides colour copies and staff are required to keep colour copies to a minimum. There is also a laminating machine and a binding machine located in the repro room next to the staff room. Materials for these machines are expensive and should therefore only be used for permanent resources.


Stock is ordered on a regular basis. Books and writing paper are stored under the staircase on the Granby Road side; and paint on the playground side. Display paper is kept in the KS1 hall. Other consumables are kept in the stock room in the KS1 cloakroom. Stockroom keys are kept in the office - please return them promptly. It is everyone's responsibility to keep these areas tidy and remove any packaging materials to the bin.

Every effort is made to keep the school well-stocked. Please let the Deputy Head know if you think more or different stock is required. If you need to use a large amount of something, or have a specific request, at least 2 weeks notice should be given as it takes this long for new stock to arrive.

Requests for particular curriculum materials should be made to the Phase Leaders who manage a small budget for the phase. TAs will be provided with a personal supply of basic equipment to carry around with them. Replacements can be requested from the Deputy Head.

If equipment needs repair, please notify the office team who will make the necessary arrangements.


Each classroom is equiped with computers and class sets of laptops and tablets are also available. All teachers are provided with a laptop and must sign their agreement to the relevant policies. Children should be carefully supervised when using the internet and should be advised to report anything inappropriate to their teachers. Any technical issues should be reported to our technician, Andrew Westwood.


Resources specific to KS1 and KS2 are located in the relevant halls. Any equipment borrowed should be promptly returned after use in good condition. Any damages, breakages or loss should be reported to the appropriate person.


Online purchasing by staff using their personal credit or debit card is discouraged and neither the school, nor Leicester City Council, will accept liability for any loss incurred. Any internet purchasing on behalf of the school should be done via the Headteacher.