Granby Primary School

School trips

Booking a visit is the responsibility of the member of staff concerned, in liaison with the Headteacher. We use a programme called EVOLVE to plan, monitor and approve trips. This requires the completion of risk assessments, calculation of costs, and a list of staffing arrangements. Letters requesting permission will be sent out by ParentMail and arrangements must be in hand at least two month's in advance of the anticipated travel date. There is an expectation that trips will represent good value for money and enhance the classroom experience, with clear learning objectives identified. 

Children in Key Stage 1 are eligible for Universal Free School Meals and we therefore provide them with a packed lunch. These have to be ordered by email at least 3 weeks in advance.

Staff must cater for the inclusion of children with special needs and medical conditions. The mobile phone, a first aider and a first aid kit must be taken. Information about the trip, and the children and adults going, must be recorded at school on departure.



EVOLVE website