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2B Ladybirds

Welcome to the 2B Ladybirds Class Page

Conkers Trip

Our class teacher is Mrs Brazier and our assistant teacher is Mrs Cobley.

Other staff that work in our class are Ms Dunstan and Ms Tovey. 


We look forward to sharing our work and news in the coming weeks. 

The Tiger Who Came to Granby!


We had a big shock when we came to school a few weeks ago - a tiger had been in our classroom and made a terrible mess!


We found a video that had been emailed to Mrs Brazier showing the tiger in the playground!


The tiger had eaten all of Mrs Brazier's shopping and left all the wrappers on our carpet! We did some investigating to see if we could see any clues the tiger had left behind. 

We did lots of different tasks to help us think about tigers and to investigate what the tiger had been up to. We had lots of fun!

Here are some pictures of the different tasks we did.