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5G Otters


Welcome to the 5G Otters' Class Page

We cannot wait to share the excellent work 5G has created this term!

The adults in our class are:

Mr Green

Mrs McGorum

Miss Caldwell


Literacy: Creating Tension

In our literacy lessons, 5G have been creating excellent pieces of writing based on the book "Leon and the Place Between" by Angela McAllister.


The children were tasked with producing a short piece of writing to create a tense atmosphere before a circus performance.  They were asked to use short, sudden sentences.  Here are some examples of their work:


Science: Forces

In our science lessons this half term we have been learning about forces.  Students have been discussing air resistance and how this can affect falling objects. Students were asked if all the air was sucked out of the room, what would land on the floor first a hammer or a feather?  We then watched the astronaut David Scott, in 1971, test Galileo’s experiment on the moon.

Hammer vs Feather: Physics on the Moon

5G have been using parachutes made from different materials to see how air resistance affects falling objects. 

In our Forces topic we have been exploring how water resistance impacts different shapes. 5G created three different shapes out of modelling clay and dropped them into a container of water. We timed how long it took each shape to sink to the bottom of the container.  We found that a cone shape was one of the most streamline and aerodynamic shapes and therefore sank to the bottom the quickest.


5G have created their own truss bridges. They have measured and cut wood, using saws, arcuately. They have then glued each beam to support their bridge.

Anglo-Saxon Coins


For history and design technology, 5G created their own clay coins. They used tools and stencils to create their shape and design. Students changed their initials into Anglo-Saxon ruins. 

In our new science topic, light, we have been looking at how objects reflect light.
To demonstrate this we have used building blocks to create mirror mazes to navigate a beam of light from a torch.

Victorian Court House