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5G Otters


Welcome to the 5G Otters' Class Page

We cannot wait to share the excellent work 5G has created this term!

The adults in our class are:

Mr Green

Mrs McGorum

Miss Nixon

Miss Pritchard


Visible Light Spectrum

Today, the Otters learnt that white light is made from the different colours of the rainbow. Students used prisms to refract and split light.  


5G have been working on warm and cool colours. Today, they used warm colours to create different fishes. They will add these to a cool-coloured background to see the contrast.


In art, we have been creating landscapes using one-point perspective. Students used guidelines to measure trees and buildings, leading them to a vanishing point in the distance, to create the idea of distance

Science Week

For Science Week, we used old film canisters and fizzy tablets to create an experiment involving air pressure. We timed the reaction and tried to improve our time in various ways.


Still image for this video


When studying light, students have been observing refraction, where light changes direction when passing through another medium such as glass and water. The students used glass jars to take photos of backgrounds which were changed and bent by refraction.

We have been studying light in science. To experiment with reflection and angles of reflection, students were tasked to use building blocks and mirrors to create a mirror maze.


For our science unit on space, students used AR (augmented reality) to place planets from our solar system into our playground. They were challenged to create our solar system while taking note of scale and position.

We also used Oreos to represent the phases of the moon.

Space unit


For our DT unit, bridge building, students measured and cut pieces of wood using vices and saws. 

DT: Bridge Building

For our bridge building unit 5G have created bridges made out of card and paper straws. Students tested different styles of bridges to find which style of bridge would hold the most weight. 


DT: Bridge Building


For our science unit, Forces, the class has been experimenting with levers.

They measured how much weight it would take to lift a 100g weight. They extended the length of 

the lever arm each time. After the experiment, the children discussed their results.