Granby Primary School

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School Uniform

Granby pupils are proud to wear their school uniform – it helps them feel a sense of belonging. Uniform embroidered with the Granby logo can be ordered from the online retailer However, branded uniform is not mandatory and children are most welcome to wear non-branded uniform purchased from any supermarket or clothing store, provided that it meets the requirements outlined below.



  • Footwear must be smart and ideally of the 'school wear' type
  • School shoes must be entirely black, including the straps or laces
  • Open shoes or sandals should be secured firmly with ankle straps
  • Trainers, if worn, should be totally black with no coloured logos or brand names
  • Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children should wear shoes with Velcro fastenings
  • Older children must be able to tie their own laces, before wearing laced shoes to school
  • No backless shoes, sliders or flip flops.  No high heels


Trousers & Shorts

  • Black or grey trousers or shorts only
  • These should be exclusively of the 'school wear' type
  • Nursery and Reception children may wear black or grey joggers instead of trousers
  • No jeans


Skirts, Culottes, Dresses & Playsuits

  • Black or grey skirts, culottes or pinafore dresses only
  • These should be exclusively of the 'school wear' type
  • Skirts and dresses should be no shorter than knee length
  • Red and white gingham dresses or playsuits may be worn in summer



  • Leggings may be worn under a skirt or dress but not on their own
  • These should be black or grey in colour
  • White or red leggings may also be worn under gingham dresses


Socks & Tights

  • Socks must be black, grey or white
  • Tights must be black, grey or red


Shirts, Blouses & Polo Shirts

  • White shirts or blouses only
  • Polo shirts can be white or red in colour
  • These should be exclusively of the 'school wear' type


Jumpers, Sweatshirts & Cardigans

  • Red jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans only
  • With or without the school logo
  • These should be exclusively of the 'school wear' type
  • No hoodies


PE Kit

Children are expected to come to school wearing their PE kit on their allotted PE day to prevent the need to change clothes during the day. As such, PE kit should be considered as equivalent to school uniform and be of the correct type as outlined below.


  • PE trainers should be black or white in colour only
  • Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children should wear trainers with Velcro fastenings
  • Older children must be able to tie their own laces, before wearing laced trainers to school


  • Black or grey shorts, leggings or joggers only
  • PE takes place indoors and outdoors, all year round
  • Please ensure children’s PE kit is appropriate to the weather conditions


  • Plain white t-shirts only
  • No logos, except for the school logo
  • No football shirts or other branded sports shirts


  • Plain black or grey sweatshirts, hoodies or zipped hoodies
  • These should match with the pupil’s shorts, leggings or joggers
  • All PE kit should be exclusively of the 'school wear' type


Example of Appropriate PE Kit

Swimming [Year 4]

  • Swimming trunks or shorts that finish above the knee
  • No three-quarter length or Bermuda shorts
  • One-piece swimming costumes
  • No bikinis or tankinis
  • Goggles may be worn on completion of the appropriate form


Coats & Outdoor Wear

  • Appropriate coats to enable outdoor play come rain or shine
  • Hats, scarves and gloves may be worn in colder weather
  • Nursery and Reception children need wellington boots to be kept at school all year


Hair, Jewellery & Makeup

  • Long hair must be tied up for school
  • It is important that children’s sight is not obscured by hair in front of their eyes
  • Jewellery is not permitted, although discreet religious items may be worn
  • Small, plain studs may be worn by children with pierced ears
  • Earrings must be removed at home on PE days; newly-pierced ears must be taped
  • Makeup of any kind, including nail varnish, is not permitted
  • Nails should be kept short; false nails may not be worn in school


We appreciate that purchasing school uniform can sometimes put families, especially those with multiple children, under considerable financial strain. If you are struggling to provide your child with the required uniform, please call and speak confidentially to one of our staff who may be able to help you with this.