Granby Primary School

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance Matters

Children are required to be at school 190 days per year.  That leaves 175 non-school days, which should be used for appointments, family time and holidays.  Please ensure your child is in school every day.


AttendanceLost Learning
100%0 days
97%1 week
96%1.5 weeks
93%2.5 weeks
92%3 weeks
90%3.5 weeks


Punctuality Matters

School starts at 8:40am for Reception to Year 3 and at 8:45am for Nursery and Years 4 to 6.  Phonics teaching and intervention sessions begin immediately at the start of the day.  Please ensure your child is punctual.


Minutes LateLost Learning
5 minutes3.5 days
10 minutes7 days
15 minutes10.5 days
20 minutes14 days
25 minutes17.5 days
30 minutes21 days