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4W Hedgehogs

Welcome to the 4W Hedgehog's class page! This is where amazing work from children in our class will be displayed, as well as photos from some of the fantastic learning opportunities in Year 4. Miss Walsh is the class teacher and Mrs Smith is the assistant teacher. Miss Goulty teaches 4W one afternoon a week.


World Book Day 2023! 4W Badgers came dressed as some of their favourite book characters. We spent the day reading books together, reading their own book and even having a costume parade! In the afternoon, we visited the book fayre to check out some of the amazing books that were for sale.

History: Year 4 had a fantastic Roman day, where a Roman came to school! He showed lots of artefacts, as well as teaching us lots about the Romans, how they lived and focusing especially on Roman soldiers. We even had a go at learning some Latin words and doing some marches!

Art: We learned about Roman mosaics then created our own!

Science: We conducted an experiment to find out how digestive juices impact food in the stomach. We did this by adding bread and juice to a bag and squeezing the bag to represent what happens in the stomach.