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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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Karen Carr

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Granby's SEND School Offer

At Granby, we will help your child achieve the very best they can at school. You know your child best and may feel they need some additional support or help for some or all of their time in our school. The information on this page is to inform you about the types of support available for your child. It will help you understand who can help and how this support can be accessed.


Our latest SEND report and policy can be found below. These documents contain information about how we support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilties at Granby.

Leicester City's SEND Local Offer

Further information about Leicester City's SEND Local Offer can be accessed using this link or for a brief animation explaining this further, the following link can be used.  An overview of this as well as the Leicester City Best Endeavours and Reasonable Adjustments [BERA] framework can be found below.


Dyslexia-friendly School Accreditation

Granby achieved the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark in June 2019 and had this accreditation renewed in June 2022. With support from the British Dyslexia Association and the learning team at the Local Authority we have devised a comprehensive action plan that identifies what we need to do to continue to be a dyslexia-friendly school.


Our SENCo, Karen Carr, leads our dyslexia-friendly work and there is an ongoing focus on the following areas:

  • leadership and management
  • quality of learning
  • creating a climate for learning
  • partnerships with parents/carers/governors


Dyslexia affects up to 1 in 5 people, but the experience of dyslexia isn’t always the same. This difficulty in processing language exists along a spectrum — one that doesn’t necessarily fit with labels like 'normal' and 'defective'. Kelli Sandman-Hurley urges us to think again about dyslexic brain function and to celebrate the neurodiversity of the human brain. Follow this link to see what she says about it.


The following websites provide further information about dyslexia:


Our dyslexia-friendly policy can be found below.

Useful Websites

Local Authority Support

'MyChoice' is a directory for care and support products and services for people living within the Leicester City area and is an invaluable source of support.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information and Advice Support Service [SENDIASS]

SENDIASS is an independent service that offers free, confidential and impartial information, advice and support to parents and carers of young people aged 0-25 with SEND, as well as young people themselves.


Council for Disabled Children [CDC] 

Fact sheets, films and posters designed to help parents, carers, children and young people understand some of the key themes of the new SEND reforms including EHC Plans, Post-16 support, the Local Offer and making decisions.

SEND Helpsheets

We have collected together some helpsheets that may be of use if you feel your child has special educational needs.  These can be found below.

Complaints about SEND

Parents or carers of children with SEND are encouraged to discuss any problems or concerns with school. These should be raised initially with the pupil’s class teacher as most problems can be resolved in this way. If a satisfactory outcome cannot be achieved, you should discuss your concerns with the SENCo, followed by the headteacher. If necessary, parents or carers may contact the governors and, if still dissatisfied, they may take their concerns to the Local Authority. Suitable facilities for meetings can be arranged for parents or carers with disabilities. For further information, please refer to our complaints policy.