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Subject Curriculum Maps

The following subject curriculum maps highlight what is taught across the school over the course of the year within an individual subject. These high-level overviews inform staff's medium and short-term planning and allow curriculum coordinators to maintain oversight of what children are learning as they move through the school.


We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our curriculum maps so that they show progression from Nursery to Year 6 on one page.  This work has been completed for the majority of foundation subjects and will shortly be completed for core subjects.  However, in the short term, information for core subjects [and Computing] is split across EYFS and KS1/KS2 curriculum maps.


Core Subjects

Foundation Subjects

NB: All subjects are listed under their KS1/KS2 equivalent names for ease of reference.  However, our EYFS curriculum is organised and delivered in accordance with the areas of learning set out in the Early Years Framework.  This can be verified by consulting the Nursery and Reception year group curriculum maps.


[Checked and updated April 2023]