Granby Primary School

Ready, Respectful, Safe

The Granby Way

From the beginning of Nursery to the end of Year 6, pupils are taught to follow The Granby Way. That is, to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. These are the three golden rules that underpin everything we do in our school. Some examples of what this looks like in practice can be found below.


Be Ready

  1. Look at and listen to the person who is talking
  2. Follow instructions the first time they are given
  3. Start work straight away and always try your best
  4. Make sure you have the equipment you need
  5. Embrace challenge: mistakes are proof of learning


Be Respectful

  1. Greet people with a friendly smile
  2. Speak politely and remember good manners
  3. Be kind to other children and adults in school
  4. Look after school resources and playground toys
  5. Be helpful and always do as you are asked


Be Safe

  1. Walk wonderfully in and around the school
  2. Keep your classroom and shared spaces tidy
  3. Use playground equipment safely
  4. Use kind hands and feet, as well as kind words
  5. Tell a trusted adult if something is wrong